The summer of 2010 Josephine facilitated a 9 week introductory Creative Writing course at the YWCA Crabtree Corner located at 533 East Hastings, Vancouver. With the help of a UBC Trek grant, young mothers dealing with the demands of family and overcoming addiction got the chance to share their stories on the page. Guests to the program included, Maggie de Vries, Cathleen With and Rosemary Georgeson.

For a look at some of the writing please visit the blog:

Currently Josephine volunteers as Layout Editor for the Crabtree Newsletter It Takes a Village, started in the summer writing workshop.



Birds on Bikes is a group of 4 Vancouver based female artists who plan to ride their bikes from Vancouver, B.C. to Baja California, Mexico the summer of 2011. Along the road they will ask other artists and individuals the burning question: “How do you live?”

When the trip comes to an end this fall the filming, blogging and all around documentation of the journey will be compiled into an art project of epic/ at this point nebulous proportions. Stay tuned, cause we fly.

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