Making Light is the story of Johnny, a lost 20 year old, has forgotten how to light a campfire and Stella, a veteran sex worker, has never lit anything but a cigarette, but they’re camping in the approaching dark and between the two of them some sort of fire needs to light. Both in the middle of the woods for different reasons, Johnny and Stella reveal how their worlds overlap into intimate territory. Territory where neither assumed they’d end up. The play will premiere at The Cultch’s Youth Playwrighting Festival in May 2012.

Director: Kaylin Metchie

Assistant Director: Dakota Shelby


Oh My God! a short play soon to be in the Vancouver Fringe Festival, 2011.

The two church acolytes, Issy and Becky, have very different reasons for being at church this particular Sunday. As kids they were best friends, but as they’ve drifted out of childhood into their teens they’ve also drifted in two very different directions, one towards the church and the other far far away from it. When asked by Father Walter to retrieve matches from the chapel, they mistakenly lock themselves in the small enclosed room –a room without a washroom­­– and the girls are forced to confront the two very different teenagers they’ve become. First performed at UBC’s 2010 Brave New Play Rites Festival.

Director: Laura McLean

Becky: Karina Palmitesta; Issy: Tich Wilson


Party this Weekend is a collective site-specific theatre project that simultaneously follows four  story lines at a house party. Josephine wrote the part of main character, Derek, a confused 27 year old guy who loves his girlfriend, but can’t quite understand why he’s not attracted to her. Other story lines include a self-identifying bastard, a high functioning yet crumbling twenty-something woman and a curious nineteen year old girl with a propinquity for pop-culture. Show opens late July and run until August 27th in Vancouver.

Director: Laura McLean


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